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R & D & R

Research, development and technological innovation are the foundation of our growth and help increase our competitiveness and our credibility in the industry.
The company has its own team development while collaborating with various public and private agencies.
Our facilities have been tested and proven in various research centers as well as companies.

We have our own  R & D,  still own several patents on production systems, pre-fattening and fattening automated.



Trays Patented pre-fattening and fattening automated suspended bivalve.
Advantages: you can buy seeds at the best price (for the smaller size) and improve profitability (large amounts of production in less time).


LONG-LINE STRUCTURE OF SUBMERGED for offshore production.

It consists of a horizontal out hanging ropes that support the target species, attached to the bottom for a few pesos and is buoyed by floaters.
As the mussels grow and gain weight, you have to constantly regulate buoyancy and the tension of the main line.

We have designed, installed and commissioned two major European platforms in the offshore production of shellfish with this system.






It is mounted on a 40'' and has a treatment capacity of 1500 kg/24 h.
Works on both open circuit and closed circuit. This allows the removal or installation in places far from making salt water.
Can be used for transport of live shellfish from one place to another in good condition.
Module will be installed or monitored system to constantly monitor the parameters in each tank, whose function is to control and subsequent computer record of physico-chemical parameters (temperature, oxygen, pH, salinity, etc..) And alert the operator in the event of any abnormality occur and be able to follow from our facilities.












Unicellular marine microalgae are grown as food for the different stages of hatchery culture of commercially valuable shellfish. Normally cultured in hatcheries treated natural seawater enriched with additional nutrients such as nitrate, phosphate, trace elements, vitamins and carbon dioxide as a carbon source.
Propose in Innova Servimar phytoplankton supplying the hatchery by a photobioreactor (FBRS). Is intended to test and verify the possibility of feeding, at all stages of the culture, by this novel system in the field of feeding bivalves. Power controlled and stage-specific and species.



Servimar Innova
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