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Our results speak for themselves.

Our work, our best ambassador.

We have extensive experience credited result of many business ventures and innovation in production processes, machinery and plants for the aquaculture industry. This allows us to provide solutions to all kinds of problems related to sea technology anywhere in the world, integrating art equipment developed and manufactured by our team of professionals.

We are currently working internationally in Portugal, Peru, Brazil, France, Belgium, Morocco and Turkey.

Aquaculture in off-shore.

Aquaculture in off-shore.

Eolica marina & Aquaculture

Advice on production

Installation and use rafts

System Saucers



Full Automation Project of the production process of microalgae in photobioreactors (FBRs) high performance.

Project advisory existing facilities for the production of shell range in Peru.

Shipbuilding adapted to the off-shore. Bridge crane and embedded processing machinery: sheller, brushes, sorting, desbisadora ...

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